Monday, April 8, 2013

My Brother, Max Menace

Hey folks

So my brother loves music. He found underground hip hop when he was 17 and never looked back. He's had more bands and music projects than you can shake a stick at but his last one before he passed was called Max Menace, or RI Menace. He loves Rhode Island and talks about it frequently in his songs. This is a fun song, the only one that he video recorded - it's in our laundry room at our Dad's in West Warwick! (you can see the laundry basket and the washer and dryer - and an incredibly cute pitbull named Emma Marie!) He always loves when people listen to his music and since we're discussing hip hop, I can feel Eddie on my shoulder telling me to share this video and links with you. Chris has caught me a few times listening to him, so I hope you like my brother's hip hop. I'm so very proud of him and this is one of the last videos we have of him being himself before he passed.

Enjoy, Max Menace (bandcamp)

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