Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Brief Yet Triumphant Introduction

Hi. So here's me.

I'm a Gender and Women's Studies and Psychology major, Theatre minor.

I work in the Gender and Women's Studies Program in Adam's Level 1b.

I make a tidy living selling sex toys and adult products through Athena's Home Novelties. Athena's by Jacki. Look. Me. Up.

I'm a Tumblr fanatic. I often forget that there is a difference between Tumblr and the real world.

I'm fat and I love it. You will too. Or else.

Whales scare me. But not Orcas, or Belugas, because those things are basically dolphins. Basically. I'll freak out if you show me a picture/image/video of any other whale. like. FREAK.

I sneeze a lot. This is one of those things that you just have to deal with. [Apology seems to be missing from this post.]

I like Breaking Bad. When the season returns, you won't see me again.

I love dissecting media.

I consider myself to be very angry, but I don't look at that as a very bad thing. Many people look at anger as a negative thing, the opposite of happy. I considered them complimentary in the sense that I'm not happy unless I'm a little angry. I feel like anger fuels my passion, and that's not a bad thing.

I guess a lot of the stuff that I post on here will be related to either school work or Tumblr. Or Gifs. I love gifs. I'm a gif hog. I take gifs. Don't post gifs. Unless you want them taken. Cuz I will.

Love me.